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Provincial Labour Office Sukhothai

Organization Structure

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    Provincial Labor
    • MrsKamonranun Khruabkontho

      MrsKamonranun Khruabkontho

      Professional Labor Technical Officer
      • MrsKanlaya Jardkarn

        MrsKanlaya Jardkarn

        Administration Staff S4
        • MrAdul Plrbote

          MrAdul Plrbote

          S1 Driver
    • MissWatcharee Thita

      MissWatcharee Thita

      Professional Labor Technical Officer
      • MissWaritsanun Haenghan

        MissWaritsanun Haenghan

        Academic Staff
        • MissJanjira Matthong

          MissJanjira Matthong

    • MrsWatcharee Phlang

      MrsWatcharee Phlang

      Finance And Accounting Officer Is Proficient In The Work.
      • MissKawisara Imbu

        MissKawisara Imbu

        Initial Analysis And Evaluation Officer